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#1. Smoked Salmon on a Plate - $9.95;
#2 Seared Yellow Fin Tuna - $9.95,
#3. Southwest Salad - $8.95,
#4. Pecan Crusted Chicken - $8.95,
#5 Lemon Chicken on Pita Bread Salad - $8.95,
#6 Roast Pork Sandwich and Slaw - $8.95,
#7. Fresh Fruit and Cheese Plate - $8.50.

Enjoy these special little meals for our concert season - prepared by Landis Store Hotel. Pre-order by calling Landhaven by noon Friday with a credit card and we'll pick them up and have them here for you 7:15 PM on concert night at Landhaven.

March 2015

Jack Murray and the Midnight Creeps

March 28, 2015 - $20.00

Always a good group for live music, Jack Murray and the Midnight Creeps deliver the goods in our exceptional room for enjoying live music. In addition this year we have something new - A Chocolate Chip Cookie Tasting!

You  know how everyone makes the same recipe off the chocolate chip package to entirely different results, right? Now YOU will have a chance to pick a winning baker of those treasures from our childhood. Structured just like the Boilo tastings in Reading, we are seeking eight contestants who will bake a batch of two dozen cookies, each cut into quarters, to bring to Landhaven for the judging.

Each entry will be presented anonymously. There will be a blind tasting of each entry, and the results will be tabulated to announce the winner that very night! Grand prize is a booklet of FOUR concert tickets! Call Donna to get your name on the list of candidates for potential winners (610.845.3257) - we will need eight contestants! Ball also to make a reservation of this unique tasting event! Don't worry, the live music and wine (that you bring) will help ameliorate the effects of all those cookies!!  

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April 2015

Eric Brace and Peter Cooper with Dave Van Allen

April 3, 2015 - $20.00

Friday night special featuring Eric Brace (of Last Train Home) and Peter Cooper with the very talented Dave Van Allen on pedal steel guitar. Besides being excellent musicians, these three are good friends, adding that extra dimension to their music. It will be a fun  night - don't miss it! BYOB show starts at 8 pm, doors open at 7:30. Call for reseervations and to order Little Meals - 610.845.3257.  

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The Alex Kaufman Trio featuring Toni Lynne

April 18, 2015 - $20.00

Alex brings his vast talent as a jazz pianist alaong with trio members Steve Meashley on upright bassd and Marcus Grant on drumsand and the captivating stylings of Toni Lynne. Give yourself a wonderful night out for live jazz music at Landhaven!   Show starts at 8 pm, BYOB, doors open at 7:15. call for reserations or Cuisine in a Box.  610.845.3257.

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Gene Shay Presents - Toby Walker

April 25, 2015 - $20.00

Toby has complete command over his guitar, ekeing sounds out of it that will mesmerize you. Gene Shay and Toby have shared their love of music and magic in the past - Gene will be here to introduce Toby and tell a couple of stories -- you can share their combined outstanding abilities to entertain. 

BYOB 7:15 doors open, show starts 8 PM. 610.845.3257 to make reservations or order little meals.  

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May 2015

Rhythm Road with Ken Gehret

May 2, 2015 - $20.00

We are so happy to welcome Rhythm Road back to Landhaven for their annual spring date! This band just gets better and better as they perform new arrangements of some favorites, bring forth new songs and even more intruments and keep us enthralled. A decided plus is the multi-instrumentalist Ken Gehret, who will be in attendance plus a few musical surprise guests spots!  BYOB 7:15 doors open, show starts at 8 pm. 610.845.3257 to make reservations or to order Cuisine in a Box. 

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Jonathan Byrd and Sally Barris

May 8, 2015 - $20.00
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Burning Bridget Cleary

May 16, 2015 - $20.00

Don;t miss this exciting evening of beautiful harmonies, lively tunes and totally engaging musicians! You are sure to get yout toes tapping! BYOB 8pm show. Free light  refrehments. Call for reservations! 610.845.3257

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June 2015

Djanoholics Anonymous featuring Josh Taylor

June 6, 2015 - $20.00

The very popular gypsy jazz group from Reading will make their debut at Landhaven - don't miss this talented, energetic group in the live-music-friendly room that is Landhaven! BYOB.

Light refreshments offered plus order ahead to get Little Meals from Landis Store delivered and waiting for you at Landhaven. Call 610.845.3257 to order meals and to make reservations.  

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