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#1. Smoked Salmon on a Plate - $9.95;
#2 Seared Yellow Fin Tuna - $9.95,
#3. Southwest Salad - $8.95,
#4. Pecan Crusted Chicken - $8.95,
#5 Lemon Chicken on Pita Bread Salad - $8.95,
#6 Roast Pork Sandwich and Slaw - $8.95,
#7. Fresh Fruit and Cheese Plate - $8.50.

Enjoy these special little meals for our concert season - prepared by Landis Store Hotel. Pre-order by calling Landhaven by noon Friday with a credit card and we'll pick them up and have them here for you 7:15 PM on concert night at Landhaven.

April 2014

Girls, Guns & Glory

April 25, 2014 - $20.00

Friday night excitement -  Our friends, this award-winning band from Boston, have yet another new cd - very prolific songwriters that they are. A good rousing mix of music with Ward Hayden's deep resonating voice leading the way. Don't miss this hard-working group delivering a great evening of entertainment at Landhaven! 7:15 doors open. BYOB Show starts at 8 pm. 610.845.3257 for reservations and to order little meals.   

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May 2014

Toby Walker

May 3, 2014 - $20.00

We saw Toby walker open for a group and the audience really clamored for an encore - for the opener! Toby has complete command over his guitar, ekeing sounds out of it that will mesmerize you. You are sure to be thrilled with this virtuoso and his outstanding entertainment. BYOB 7:15 doors open, show starts 8 PM. 610.845.3257 to make reservations or order little meals.  

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Rhythm Road

May 10, 2014 - $20.00

We are so happy to welcome Rhythm Road back to Landhaven for thier annual spring date! This band just gets better and better as they perform new arrangements of some favorites, bring forth new songs and even more intruments and keep us enthralled. BYOB 7:15 doors open, show starts at 8 pm. 610.845.3257 to make reservations or to order little meals. 

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Chris Smither

May 16, 2014 - $25.00

Please welcome Chris back to Landhaven for this FRIDAY night special - always a delight to see him perform his witty songs in that easygoing style of his. Reservations a must! Call 610.845.3257, order here online or email landhaven@att.net.  BYOB - 8 PM Free refreshments and parking.  SMITHER.COM


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June 2014

Amy Black

June 7, 2014 - $20.00

Can't wait to meet Amy in person, since our conversations have been fantastic. More to come - put this on your calendar!

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September 2014

Roy Book Binder

September 19, 2014 - $20.00

Roy is one of the finest blues finger pickers active today, and his considerable talent is interwoven with the most delightful stories of his musical experiences. He entralls you with vivid tales with his mentor, Rev. Gary Davis, Carolina bluesman Pink Anderson and other masters. Don't miss this charming evening.  BYOB, doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 8 pm.  www.roybookbinder.com  Reservations online at www.landhavenbandb.com or call 610.845.3257.

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October 2014

Frank Vignola

October 25, 2014 - $27.00

We are thrilled that Frank Vignola, the world-renowned jazz guitarist is returning to play at Landhaven (with Vinny Raniolo) in between his worldwide touring. Come help us show our gratitude by filling our house with the awesome, responsive, appreciative audience we have come to count on! If you don't believe what you have heard about this true virtuoso, check out the mind-blowing video on Frank's website of "The Flight of the Bumblebee", then make your reservation in a big hurry. We will need paid reservations for this bonanza. Show starts at 8 pm, BYOB, doors open at 7:15. donna@landhavenbandb.com or 610.845.3257. www.frankvignola.com

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November 2014

Rhythm Future Quartet

November 15, 2014 - $20.00

We love to support new groups, especailly when they meet our very high standards for musicianship and performance ability. Such is this new quartet, founded by Jason Anick, a good friend to Landhaven and part of the John Jorgenson Quintet who has played Landhaven many times. Also featured is Vinny Rainiolo who played here last year with Frank Vignola. Bring you own supoort for this gypsy jazz group and help us give them a rousing Landhaven welcome! BYOB, doors open at 7:15, concert starts at 8 pm. 620.845.3257 or www.landhavenbandb.com for reservations.

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December 2014

Brother Sun

December 6, 2014 - $20.00

It is worth the wait to get Brother Sun to landhaven for a Saturday night! DOn;t miss them - more later. BYOB 7:15 doors open, show starts 8:pm. 610.845.3257 to make reservations or to order little meals.

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